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Expanding Access to Justice in Rural Communities

The Rural Assembly’s Whitney Kimball Coe joins experts to discuss how the legal system operates in rural communities and how to expand access to justice in these regions on the latest episode of Talk Justice, a podcast of Legal Service Corporation.

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The 3G Shutdown: How it Impacts Rural Consumers

This year, all major mobile providers will shut down their 3G networks.
3G technology is around two decades old, and while it makes sense to repurpose technology and resources toward systems that serve us better, the downside is that cellphones, alarm systems and other devices that run on 3G will become obsolete overnight. And that could be a problem for rural consumers who still depend upon those systems and devices to stay connected to family, work, and emergency services.

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Everywhere Radio Podcast

What our Podcast Guests Were Reading in 2021

When you get a chance to talk to interesting, smart people, you want to know what they are reading. Whitney Kimball Coe asks her guests on the Everywhere Radio podcast just that — and we’ve pulled those answers into one place to share as we wrap up 2021.

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