Presented by The Rural Assembly and the Daily Yonder, the Rural Journalism Collective is open to everyone working in, or simply interested in, rural journalism. Our aim is to network, talk shop, share ideas, and uplift excellent work.

Upcoming events

2 p.m. ET June 20 

Rural voters are surrounded by a particular mythos in American politics, especially during an election year. Often, intentionally or not, their stories get muddled by the media. Join the Rural Journalism Collective for a conversation on how journalists can tell more accurate stories about rural voters with panelists Dee Davis; president of the Center for Rural Strategies, Pauly Denetclaw, political correspondent for ICT; and Cathy Darling Allen, registrar of voters and Shasta County clerk in rural California. We’ll touch on voter polling conducted by the Center for Rural Strategies, Native and Indigenous voters, and how journalists can support rural poll workers with their reporting, among other things.

Previous events

Rural Data: Telling Stories with Numbers

Rural datasets can be difficult to find and even more difficult to analyze. But utilizing data in telling rural stories is a great way to interrogate, and disprove, widespread misconceptions about rural America. Join a panel of rural-focused reporters and editors as we talk about where the heck to get rural data, the relationship between datasets and story ideation, and review some of our favorite data stories. Panelists include Daily Yonder Editor Tim Marema, Daily Yonder Data Correspondent Sarah Melotte, and Dr. Megan Lawson of Headwaters Economics. 


Unpacking Food and Ag Reporting

Journalists Chris Clayton, ag policy editor for Progressive Farmer; Claire Carlson, staff correspondent at the Daily Yonder; and Tom Philpott, former food and ag correspondent for Mother Jones. discuss food and ag policy, journalism, and advocacy, and answer questions from participants.

Covering Rural Education

Hear from national higher education reporter Nick Fouriezos, Daily Yonder digital editor Caroline Carlson, and Alan Richard, former education reporter and current news manager for the Southern Regional Education Board as they discuss news coverage of rural higher ed and K-12. 

Reporting on Rural: The How and Why

This discussion dives into how we’re looking at rural data, what we’ve been working on lately, and how we assess rural stories, among other things. Featured panelists: Tim Marema — Editor, the Daily Yonder,  Pamela Dempsey — Executive Director, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting Terrence Williams — President and Chief Operating Officer, The Keene Sentinel Moderated by Caroline Carlson — Digital Editor, the Daily Yonder.

Recorded live at the Rural Assembly Rural Women Everywhere virtual event, our panelists talk about the benefits and challenges facing women working as journalists in rural communities. The conversation features Daily Yonder contributor Kristi Eaton, Daily Yonder contributor Liz Carey, Daily Yonder multimedia correspondent Xandr Brown, and Daily Yonder Digital Editor Caroline Carlson. 

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