This year, we were delighted and inspired by the many conversations we’ve had with rural organizers, artists, authors, activists, and political and nonprofit leaders. To close the year, we’ve rounded up a few gems, ranging from inclusion, climate, and rural voters.
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Silas House and Rt. Rev. Brian Cole talk about the importance of inclusion (and much more)

Best-selling author and Kentucky poet laureate Silas House talks with Rt. Rev. Brian Cole about writing, faith, activism, and rest. at our Rural Assembly Everywhere Virtual Gathering this summer. 

In November, House was nominated for a Grammy for his role in producing and writing the Tyler Childers’ music video In Your Love.

Brady Piñero Walkinshaw on changing mindsets about the climate crisis

Earth Alliance CEO Brady Piñero Walkinshaw talks about changing mindsets about the climate crisis — and why he thinks rural communities will play a critical role in solving it. 

Pollster Celinda Lake on rural voters

Earlier this year, the Center for Rural Strategies and Lake Research Partners asked rural Americans how they feel about their place in the economy and how their feelings intersect with modern politics. 

The findings suggest a larger-than-expected share of rural voters may be swingable, and that their concerns and feelings could move the needle come November 2024, or even sooner.

In November, pollster Celinda Lake talked with Center for Rural Strategies President Dee Davis about the findings of the poll and what’s on the mind of rural voters in 2023. 


Stories of Resilence

Our Drawing Resilience series features interviews with leaders who are doing the hard work of staying in—staying in the work, in relationship, in community, even amid deep divisions, systemic injustices, and social and economic challenges—and inspiring others along the way. 

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Beyond the Clock: Savannah Barrett

Beyond the Clock is a monthly digital learning exchange and happy hour for rural connectors and cultural workers hosted by Department of Public Transformation and Voices for Rural Resilience, in partnership with the Rural Assembly. This month’s creative learning exchange event will take place on Tuesday, February 13th from 4-5pm CST with special guest, Savannah Barrett!

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Opportunity Roundup | January 2024

Looking for ways to grow in your skills and knowledge this year? You may be interested in applying for one of the following opportunities we’ve received recently in our Rural Assembly inbox.

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