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Olivia Komacheet Liv the Artist

Rural Women Everywhere: Olivia Komahcheet “Liv the Artist”

Liv The Artist will perform at Rural Women Everywhere. Liv is a nomadic-bred multi-instrumentalist and emerging producer of Comanche and Otoe heritage whose vibrant music blends together elements of alternative R&B, neo soul, and indie-electronic. Her natural blend of organic sounds and downtempo bedroom Lofi beats resonates and embodies her unique and ever evolving music style as an emerging composer.

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Rural Women Everywhere: Katie Fry

Rural Assembly welcomes Katie Fry to Rural Women Everywhere. Katie Fry is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a beautiful soprano voice and sound that transcends genres. Born Katie Jane Goudie, raised on a dairy goat farm in Northern California, her influences include the country and folk music of her youth. She writes songs about love, friendship, struggle and hope.

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Tell us about your traditions

As we celebrate the contributions of rural and native women across the country, we want to hear from you about your family and cultural traditions. We all know that traditions establish the foundation for our values, they are a way to pass on our history, and help us bond with each other in our communities.
So we ask;
What traditions are you practicing and helping to perpetuate?
Why is it important you?
How is your sense of identity and belonging tied to those traditions?

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Tell Us About an Influential Woman in Your Life

At Rural Women Everywhere, we are celebrating the voices, contributions, and leadership of women across the countryside.
We want to hear about the influential women in your life. Send us a photo and short explanation of a woman who has made a difference in your world.

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