#RuralWomenLead Profile Series

Teresa Kittridge, Founder of 100 Rural Women

Teresa Kittridge: Building a Movement of Rural Women

From the Rural Assembly: During these difficult times, we are committed to continuing to share stories of hope, resilience, and solidarity that strengthen our relationships across and within rural America. Please enjoy this most recent profile in the #RuralWomenLead Series of Teresa Kittridge, Founder of 100 Rural Women.  From an early age, Teresa Kittridge saw the disparity of women in leadership and knew that needed to change. “Growing up in a family of strong women, with incredible role models I had much encouragement that I could achieve leadership, that women’s voices and issues are important and equity is critical to

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Starre Haas, VoteRunLead

Starre Haas: Mother, Business Owner, and Women’s Activist

In her twenties, Starre Haas had two degrees, two kids, and many questions about her future.  Would she be a stay at home mom?  Would she stick to a career in accounting and finance, an industry that didn’t seem to fit her personality?  One trend had emerged: she was spending all of her free time volunteering in her new neighborhood of downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. She had fallen in love with the community, the houses, and the potential. Her hunger for public service grew as she volunteered in the neighborhood. But could she transition from a volunteer grassroots community activist

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Filmmaker Anita Holsapple at the inaugural Rural Women's Summit

Anita Holsapple: “We have great power to make a difference wherever we are. We do not need permission, we just need to act.”

Video: Anita Holsapple reads from her reflection on the Rural Women’s Summit. “War,” says Anita Sugimura Holsapple, “ has touched my home my whole life.” Holsapple is a filmmaker, a resident of rural Louisiana, and a former military child who has lived on military bases in the U.S. and internationally. Her father served in combat; her mother is a survivor of the Nagasaki atomic bombing.  Her film, “ Battlefield: Home — Breaking the Silence” explores the impact of war on her family and others, particularly those living in rural America.  “It was very important for me to address the needs

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