The Rural Assembly is a vibrant movement of people advocating for a more equitable and diverse nation.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Rural Assembly, a vibrant movement of people advocating for a more equitable and diverse nation. We recognize the pivotal role rural America plays in shaping our country’s narrative and decisions. Our focus is on amplifying diverse rural voices across a range of platforms, from local to national, including media, policy, and convening forums.

Our mission is to empower and amplify rural voices by providing a platform for sharing stories and challenging existing stereotypes. For more than a decade, the Assembly has built relationships within and across local to national leadership, with people and places who represent the rich diversity of the rural experience. We create opportunities for them to work together to amplify rural challenges and rural strengths in ways that will yield more inclusive narratives, policies, and outcomes.

How we work

Assembly activities, campaigns, and events are driven in part by rural leaders in the field, who identify a need and seek support from the Rural Assembly to address it as a national convener, amplifier, and communicator. This looks like roundtables, advocacy, or issue-based working groups of cross-sector folks coming together to name and claim issues and solutions that can then be amplified through the Assembly.

Other times, we organize diverse voices around a critical moment or framing opportunity that speaks to our foundational principles as champions of diversity, equity and inclusion. This can look like partnerships and collaborations, gatherings, interviews, profiles, and other media, sourced by practitioners whose stories and experiences disrupt stereotypes and harmful narratives about rural America.

We invite you to raise your voice and join us on this transformative journey.

Get Involved

Do you have a unique story, a community or project to highlight, or a rural issue that we should elevate? Want to invite our staff to participate in your event as a panelist or keynote speaker? We can’t wait to connect with you!

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