Our Approach

We believe that there is always more room at the table and that real change moves at the pace of relationships. We engage the broad landscape of rural America, across geography, sector, and experiences. 

Our Theory of Change

The Challenge: Rural people and places are frequently overlooked by policymakers, philanthropy, and mainstream media. Going forward, it will take thoughtful, consistent effort to restore rural voices to national conversations about how we create systems and policies that fully embrace all populations and geographies. We believe rural America has a vital contribution to make to our national narrative and decision-making and that rural leaders need opportunities and support to take on that endeavor.

Our Role: The Rural Assembly is committed to strengthening rural visibility and presence across convening, media, and policy platforms, from local to national. We connect rural leaders to each other and to national platforms in ways that strengthen the body politic and reinforce narratives of interdependence and belonging.

Our Practice: We believe that building relationships and trust is key to understanding and honoring our interconnectedness. That is why the Rural Assembly is committed to fostering relationships within and across rural places that lead to better solutions and a less polarized nation. We focus especially on fostering relationships with rural women, BIPOC communities, and the next generation of leaders.

Our Vision: By amplifying rural voices and leadership, the Rural Assembly ensures that rural people and places are actively shaping a more inclusive nation as culture-bearers, practitioners, influencers, and decision-makers.

What We Do

Relationship Development 
Relationship development to learn, build trust, connect with resources and promote solutions.
Issue-based initiatives to catalyze change.
Communication strategies to amplify rural stories and solutions.
Convening to build capacity.

The Rural Assembly is a program of

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