Introducing Sourcing Solutions

We often say the best, most transformational solutions come from within our communities. We know our family, friends, and neighbors are treasure troves of experiences, expertise, and good heart.

We’re introducing a new feature called Sourcing Solutions to highlight the hard-earned knowledge and insights residing in our own backyard. You’ll find these first in our weekly advocacy newsletters, here in our blog, and on our social media channels. 

Today we share an idea from Art Kimball, a retired banker in Athens, Tenn. Kimball’s idea for tackling the student loan debt crisis was first published in The Daily Yonder earlier this year. 

Sourcing Solutions: Student Loan Debt

What do you think of Kimball’s idea, born of his experience as a small-town banker in rural Tennessee? Does it resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below or on our Sourcing Solutions social media posts. 

We want to hear your ideas!  Email us at

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