Poetry from Rural Assembly Everywhere

Happy National Poetry Month!

The poster for this year’s National Poetry Month proclaims “There’s a Poem in this Place.” We know there is poetry across rural and Native places — in the people, landscapes, joys, struggles, and histories. We’ve heard the poetry of place in the inspiring words of the poets who have joined us on the Rural Assembly Everywhere virtual stage over the past two years. In honor, we’ve curated a playlist of new and well-known poets who have read at Everywhere. And we’ll soon announce the poets who will be at Everywhere in May! Stay tuned. 

A Rural Assembly Everywhere sampling: 

Rural Assembly Everywhere returns May 10 + 11th. Attend for free! 


Beyond the Clock: Savannah Barrett

Beyond the Clock is a monthly digital learning exchange and happy hour for rural connectors and cultural workers hosted by Department of Public Transformation and Voices for Rural Resilience, in partnership with the Rural Assembly. This month’s creative learning exchange event will take place on Tuesday, February 13th from 4-5pm CST with special guest, Savannah Barrett!

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Opportunity Roundup | January 2024

Looking for ways to grow in your skills and knowledge this year? You may be interested in applying for one of the following opportunities we’ve received recently in our Rural Assembly inbox.

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