Rural Remix presents

Food is a connector.

Rural Food Traditions, our new podcast series, shares the stories of foods that unite communities, families, and friends across a diverse rural America.

The Rural Food Traditions podcast series explores the culinary traditions that connect us — kitchen to kitchen — across a diverse rural America. We begin this series where many meals begin: with bread. Host Teresa Collins has interviewed home and professional chefs about the breads that grace their tables and the traditions they carry. 

The series takes us on a culinary roadtrip. First to Oklahoma, where a Cherokee chef shares the history of fry bread; to South Dakota, where a home cook shares how a sourdough starter connects her to her ancestors and community; to Alabama, where a writer shares a recipe — and a poem — for her family’s cornbread; as well as stops in kitchens in Minnesota and Tennessee. Come along with us for Rural Food Traditions. 

Episode 1: Fry Bread, featuring Chef Nico Albert Williams

Episode 2: Sourdough, featuring Eliza Blue

Episode 3: White Bread, featuring Cheryl Whitesitt

Episode 4: Cornbread, featuring Tina Mozelle Braziel

Episode 5: Biscuits, featuring Margo Miller

Episode 6: German breads, featuring Lois Keller

About Rural Remix

Rural Remix is a co-production of the Daily Yonder and the Rural Assembly, both projects of the nonprofit Center for Rural Strategies.

Each episode of Rural Remix spotlights unexpected rural stories and pushes back on stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding rural communities.

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The team

Teresa Collins, host, writer, and producer

Anya Slepyan, editor

Joel Cohen, executive producer

Tracy Staley, assistant producer

Susannah Broun, editor

Will Wright, outreach and marketing