The Rural Assembly is a coalition dedicated to building more opportunity and better policy for rural communities

We know that rural America is more than the convenient stereotypes and stories that dominate public discourse. It is a place of innovation, tight-knit communities, and civic participation. It is fire departments and schools and local organizations making a difference. There is an opportunity right now to draw the connections between rural and its counterparts, to name the roads, fibers, and futures that connect us. To craft a future of us and ours. We hope you’ll join us.

What we're working on now

The Battle to Break Through: Reclaiming Indigenous Narratives

A new production from The Rural Assembly: “The Battle to Break Through: Reclaiming Indigenous Narratives” explores the importance of visibility and shares how four prominent leaders are working to break through to create more opportunities for Indigenous people.

A conversation with Beau of The Fifth Column

Listen or watch our conversation with Youtube commentator Beau of the Fifth Column, who connects with folks from all walks of life and political identities through taking on political polarization, the misappropriated words of George Orwell, or gun rights and law enforcement.

Rural Advocacy

Are you a rural advocate, community organizer, or someone who just cares deeply about issues that affect rural people and places? Start your week with the Rural Assembly’s advocacy newsletter in your inbox each week. 

From Our Blog


Everywhere Radio, a hosted by Whitney Kimball Coe, features rural leaders and allies spotlighting the good, scrappy, joyful ways rural people are building a more inclusive nation. Everywhere Radio is a production of the Rural Assembly.


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