Everywhere Radio, a hosted by Whitney Kimball Coe, features rural leaders and allies spotlighting the good, scrappy, joyful ways rural people are building a more inclusive nation. Everywhere Radio is a production of the Rural Assembly.

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Tell us about your traditions

As we celebrate the contributions of rural and native women across the country, we want to hear from you about your family and cultural traditions. We all know that traditions establish the foundation for our values, they are a way to pass on our history, and help us bond with each other in our communities.
So we ask;
What traditions are you practicing and helping to perpetuate?
Why is it important you?
How is your sense of identity and belonging tied to those traditions?

Tell Us About an Influential Woman in Your Life

At Rural Women Everywhere, we are celebrating the voices, contributions, and leadership of women across the countryside.
We want to hear about the influential women in your life. Send us a photo and short explanation of a woman who has made a difference in your world.


EITC: Why is this important to rural and native young people?

An estimated nearly 5 million young people ages 19-24 will benefit from the permanent expansion of EITC and 21 percent of workers without children in rural areas will benefit from the EITC expansion, compared to 17 percent of those in metro areas. An extra $1500 matters; for rural and Native young people, ETIC provides an equitable pipeline to economic security. It can help young adults gain safe and stable housing, offset transportation costs, buy food, or pay student loans.


Coming Oct. 19-21, 2021

This October 19 & 20, we’re excited to bring you Rural Women Everywhere, a virtual two-day event celebrating the voices, contributions, and leadership of women across the countryside. We’ll examine the ways rural and Native women are participating in the work of building more welcoming and inclusive communities. Programming will feature keynotes, roundtable conversations, and breakout sessions spotlighting women’s experiences and reflections.

View the wrapup video above, or view all of the sessions from Spring 2021

View the first day of the conference above, or view all of the sessions from Fall 2020



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