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Work-based learning and apprenticeship: The challenge of being rural

Apprenticeship presents a powerful strategy to connect jobseekers to family-supporting wages and career advancement opportunities. While there has been significant funding dedicated to the development of registered apprenticeships over the past several years, rural communities and especially rural young adults have largely not benefited.

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Opal Besaw: A Role for Schools and Media to Prepare and Engage Youth

Kalispell, MT high school senior Opal Bespaw believes every young person should be excited and empowered to vote. But how do we foster this excitement? By taking purposeful steps to reach out to young voters and involving schools and the media. Register for our livestream to talk more about how to get young people voting in rural places.

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Tyler Owens

Tyler Owens: I Was Raised To Believe

In my family and community, we care for one another and that is just a part of life. There is no such thing as individuality in my family. No matter what I do in life, it would always circle back to my family. My actions, successes, and failures will always be not only a reflection of myself but of where I come from. Everyone that had a hand in raising me, taught me what I needed to know to ensure that I was brought up in a way of wanting to contribute to something that was bigger than myself.

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What is the Rural Youth Catalyst Project?

Who We Are

The Rural Youth Catalyst Project is an independent working group aligned with the Rural Assembly. Working nationally, the Rural Youth Catalyst Project aims to strengthen and create opportunities that allow rural and Native youth to realize their hopes and dreams while remaining in or returning to their communities.

What We Do

We work across all aspects of youth development but carry a specialized focus on rural and Native opportunity youth. We believe that when given the opportunity, rural and Native young people want meaningful leadership, real work and to contribute their skills and service to their communities. Learn more.

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