Technology transitions – tell the FCC to protect rural communities – deadline Feb. 5

Yesterday’s webinar from the Rural Broadband Policy Group gave information about why the technology transitions being considered for our telephone infrastructure are important for rural communities and how important it is for us to get involved and express our needs.

[slides from this webinar]

Whether you are a consumer that has been impacted by technology changes to the telephone network or an organization who cares about this issue, the RBPG highly encourages you to submit comments expressing your opinion on this matter to the Federal Communications Commission.

Deadline to submit comments is February 5!

Below you can find sample letters that you can personalize and file:

1. Go to

2. You will see the following screen:

3. Input the following “Proceeding Numbers” (clicking “Add Another Proceeding” for each new entry: 13-5; 14-174; RM-11358; 05-25; RM-10593; 10-90; 12-353

4. Add your name or your organization’s name for “Name of Filer.” Leave “Lawfirm Name” blank. Add your name and email address for “Author Name.”

5. Do not check “Exparte Presentation.” Indicate “COMMENT” on “Type of Filing.” Leave “File Number,” “Report Number,” and “Bureau Identification Number” blank

6. Fill out the address information for the person or entity listed on “Name of Filer.”

7. Separately, draft and save your personalized letter as a PDF. Attach your letter using the “Browse” button. Click “Continue” and follow the prompts in the next page to finalize your filing.

8. Smile, you just did good for Rural communities! 🙂

(Printable version of the above instructions)

For more information on how to file, please contact Edyael Casaperalta, RBPG Coordinator at

Here are more resources to learn about how technology transitions impact rural consumers and communities:


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