Send us your video! “Rural is…”

We want to hear from you! At the Rural Assembly, we know that rural means something a little different for every person and place. What does rural mean to you? 

Send us a short 30-second video of yourself responding to the prompt “Rural is…” and we may feature it in Rural Assembly Everywhere this October. 

Here are some basic guidelines for recording yourself:
– Have the phone in horizontal position. If you’re recording off of a computer this is not an issue. 
– You can do a selfie, but it may be easier to have someone hold the phone for you. 
– The shot should be your head and shoulders.
– Try to shoot it outdoors. 
– Understand where the light is coming from. If there is sun, don’t have it directly behind you.
– Try to pick a quiet location.

 Find out more about Rural Assembly Everywhere and sign up to stay updated.


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