Thank you, 2022 collaborators!

Rural Assembly 2022 Collaborators


100 Days in Appalachia 

A Step Ahead Chattanooga 

American Academy of Arts and Sciences 

American Farmland Trust 

Anchored in Clinton 

Appalachia Media Institute 

Art & Frame in Athens, TN 

Association for Rural & Small Libraries 

Athens Area Council for the Arts 

Athens Main Street 

Beau the Fifth Column 

Beyond the Clock 

Black Family Land Trust, Inc 

Center for Asian American Media 


Citizen Film 

Citizen University 

City of Crete 

Community Connections NOW 

Community Strategies Group 

COMPASS – Pioneer PBS SW Minnesota 

Consumer Reports 

Cowan Community Action Group 

Deep East Texas College 

Department of Interior 

Empowering Families 

Faith Matters Network 

Generation Citizen 


Harnett Central High School 

Health Action Alliance 

Henry Luce Foundation 

Higher Purpose Co. 

ICT (Indian Country Today)

Immigration Forum 

Indian Country Today 

Infinite Connections 

Intertribal Agriculture Council 

Jobs for the Future 

Jodevi Consulting

Justice 4 Women 

Kansas Sampler Foundation 

Lander Art District 

Latitude Chicago 

Legal Services Corporation 

Listen First Coalition 

Little Theatre Auditorium 

Local Initiatives Support Corporation 

LSC Rural Justice Task Force 

Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance 

Making Caring Common 

Mega Mural Fest 

Metropolitan Group 

Millions of Conversations 

Moneticello Ongoing Revitalization Effort 

Nebraska is Home 

NeighborWorks America 

New Pluralists Collaborative  

Next Evolution 

North Carolina Cooperative Extension 

Office of Rural Prosperity 

Ohio Valley ReSource 

Open Campus Media 

Pioneer PBS SW Minnesota 

Preemptive Love 

Request to Speak 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

Rural Development Initiatives 

Rural Journalism Collective 

Rural Policy Research Insititute 

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition 

Rural Youth Catalyst Project 

Rural-Urban Bridge Initiative 

Santa Fe YouthWorks 

Shasta College BAITS Division 

Sipp Culture 


Southern Regional Education Board 

Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative 

Southwest Rural Health Research Center 

Springboard for the Arts 

Takoma Peak Solution 

The Daily Yonder 

The Dinner Party 

The Ford Family Foundation – COVID Study 

The On Being Project 

Thrive Rural  

Univerity of Texas 

University of Kentucky 


Walker River Paiute Tribe 

We Can’t Wait 

Welcoming America 

White House Office of Public Engagement  

White Street Market 

Women for the Land 


Abby Kiesa 

Alan Richard 

Alex Sharp 

Ali Webb 

Alison Grubbs 

Aliyah Chavez 

Allen Stanton 

Amy Hayden 

Andrea Martinez 

Angie Koontz 

Anna Clausen 

Anna Sullivan 

Anthony Flaccavento 

Art Kimball 

Ashley Hanson 

Austin Sauerbrei 

Becky Roe 

Bethany Lacktorin 

Bobby Wilson 

Brenda Kirk 

Brittany Jackson Brown 

Carla Ocadiz, LUPE 

Carmen Urbina Oberton 

Carmina Taylor

Carlton Turner

Carol Blackmon

Chairman Amber Torres (Walker River Paiute Tribe) 

Christa Yoakum 

Claire Brown 

Cynthia McCowen 

Danielle Allen 

David Kennedy 

Diana Oestreich 

Dominic Facio 

Dr. Patricia Waters 

Dr. Taylor Williams 

Dwight Langhum 

Edyael Casaperalta 

Eliza Blue 

Eric Liu 

Erickson Blakney 

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow 

Jace Charger 

Jacqueline Dandeneau, Arcata Playhouse 

Jennifer Bailey 

Jessica Shelton 

Jonathan Blair 

Jonathan Schwantes 

Julie Rae Powers 

Justin King 

Kaitlin Brown 

Kara Johnson, Heart of Oregon 

Kathleen Moxon 

Katie Myers 

Kelby Greene 

Kelsey Scott 

Kendall Guthrie 

Kendra Pospychalla 

Kenny Andejeski 

Kimberly Phinney 

Laura Terech 

Lennon Flowers 

Leslie Arnold 

Ligia Cravo 

Linda Long 

Liv Cook 

Loka Ashwood 

Lovely Dhillon

Lyndsie Bourgon 

Marci Penner 

Maria Givens 

Mary Sketch 

Melody Warnick 

Michael Sack 

Michele Anderson 

Nancy Teller 

Neema Avashia 

Nhatt Nichols 

Nick Fouriezos 

Norma Flores Lopez 

Oleta Garrett Fitzgerald

Pearce Godwin 

Phoebe Wagner 

Rachel Moore 

Robert Wisdom 

Sen. Robert L. Jackson

Saadia Qureshi 

Sam Ball 

Sam Schimmel 

Sandra Kern Mollman 

Sarah Moynihan 

Sarah Scannell 

Scott Keoni Shigeoka 


Shirley Sneve 

Skylar Baker-Jordan 

Starre Haas 

Stephen Dick 

Stephen Gong 

Teri Carter 

Tiana Spotted Thunder 

Tim Lampkin 

Tony Pipa 

Trista Harris 

Uma Viswanathan 

Valeria Rodriguez 

Valerie Horn 

Vant Hardaway 

William Frank 

Xochitl Torres Small 

Drawing Resilience: Dorn Cox

Drawing Resilence: An interview with Dorn Cox, farmer and research director for the Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment in Freeport, Maine.

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Video: Brady Piñero Walkinshaw 

Earth Alliance CEO Brady Walkinshaw talks about changing mindsets about the climate crisis — and why he thinks rural communities will play a critical role in solving it.

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Video: Citizen Power with Jonathan Blair + Sam Schimmel

Hear from Sam Schimmel and Jonathan Blair, co-creators of the ongoing documentary media and public engagement initiative from Citizen Film titled American Creed: Citizen Power, that explores American idealism and activism from a range of young adult perspectives. Learn how they are working to build safer, more connected communities, the barriers they face, and their advice for other young rural community organizers.

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