Tell Us About An Influential Woman in Your Life

At Rural Women Everywhere, we are celebrating the voices, contributions, and leadership of women across the countryside.

We want to give you an opportunity to share the stories of women who are influential in your lives: a family member, friend, colleague, teacher, neighbor, classmate, community conspirator, anyone! We want to see and hear about these women and share them as part of Rural Women Everywhere.

Have a submission? Fill out the form below and you’ll be redirected to submit your photo and story. Submission deadline: Oct. 4, 2021. Have questions? Email Teresa at 

 We will share submissions at Rural Women Everywhere, a free 2-day virtual conference Oct. 19 and 20. Registration opens this month!  

Here’s how to submit: 

* In the message box below, share who you are nominating and why.

* Upload your photos — old or recent —(jpeg or png) or video (mp4) by clicking on the submission button below. The submission deadline is Oct. 4, 2021. Have questions? Email Teresa at 

Submit Your Influential Woman


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As we celebrate the contributions of rural and native women across the country, we want to hear from you about your family and cultural traditions. We all know that traditions establish the foundation for our values, they are a way to pass on our history, and help us bond with each other in our communities.
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What traditions are you practicing and helping to perpetuate?
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