Rural Assembly Favorite Place Submission Guidelines

If you shoot video, choose one of these two approaches: 

  1. Record yourself looking into the camera as you talk.  Then take some video of the place to cover all or part of your verbal description.  We will put the final piece together.
  2. Go to the place you want to talk about and show and tell simultaneously, alternating between shots of yourself and the location.  This can be done in chunks if you’d like and we can put them together after you send it.

Begin your video with , “My name is ______, I’m from _____________ and this is my favorite place in my community.

If you shoot stills:

  1. Shoot a variety of shots  if possible.
  2. Send us a written or recorded description of why you chose this spot.


If you’re shooting on a phone, have it in the horizontal position.

Understand where the light is coming from.  If there is sun, don’t have it directly behind what you’re shooting.

Make sure it’s quiet enough to hear you talking when recording.

Please include how you would like to be identified with an on screen graphic. 

If you send it in pieces and have an idea of what you want to do, please send along written or verbal instructions.