Shoshana Bass, Sandglass Theater

Building a Virtual Stage

Enjoy this short preview from Shoshana Bass, co-artistic director of the Sandglass Theater in Putney, Vermont. A puppeteer, Shoshana shows the small deck she built outside the trolley where lives. She built it to perform “for this open field of trees and birds, and occasionally, some human beings.” 

Having been raised in a traveling family of internationally acclaimed puppeteers, Bass has spent her life witnessing and in dialogue with artistic voices of diverse cultures, heritages, and perspectives. Now she performs, directs, and choreographs internationally. She is the festival director for Sandglass’ Puppets in the Green Mountains International Festival and serves on the board of the national Network of Ensemble Theaters. Shoshana also produces the family-friendly “Winter Sunshine” series, as well as the social activist “Voices of Community” series. She is a touring ensemble member with Sandglass Theater in Babylon, Journeys of Refugees; Rock the Boat; and Punschi and her solo performance When I Put On Your Glove. As a rural-based artist touring frequently to cities, she is especially interested in the contribution of rural experiences and voices to cultural work and community practice. 

We’ll share the full video during Rural Assembly Everywhere: The Road to Repair. We invite you to gather at our virtual stage, as we all work together to continue sharing stories from rural to the world. 

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