Share Your Story with Us: Rural Broadband and Online School

Virtual schooling is underway across the country, but we know that for millions of Americans, especially those living in rural and Native communities do not have the access nor speeds they need to make virtual school a viable option. 
Does this sound like your family or someone you know?
The Rural Assembly is pleased to be part of Broadband Connects America, a coalition of 24 organizations representing the voice of rural America in the fight for affordable broadband and connectivity. We will share your stories with Broadband Connects America to be used in various advocacy and outreach efforts. Do you have a story?

We are no longer collecting stories, but we hope you sign up for our broadband group and we will keep you posted on any upcoming conversations, events, or information around rural broadband. 

2 thoughts on “Share Your Story with Us: Rural Broadband and Online School”

  1. We would be willing to pay for faster internet but have been told by Consolidated Comm. that the Castne center is full and no new upgrades are available. This is a catch 22 for actual speed upgrades to meet the yellow line as shown on your “map”.

    To be part of the new economy, Brooksville needs to have access to true broadband not 1990’s technology.

  2. My husband and I bought a home in Harborside and called Consolidated Comm. to purchase internet two months before our permanent move from Virginia. We work remotely from home and rely on quality internet so we made sure that we booked the service in advance. We were told that the installation would be delayed to nearly a month after our closing date due to high volume. That delay came as a shock. Because of the delay, we were forced to purchase a home hot spot from AT&T as back up until Consolidated Comms. could install our service. About a week after we moved into our new home, a representative called us to say that they are “sold out” of service capability and unfortunately could not help us. The woman had no other information- not even a wait list available. It is 2020 and internet is a utility for anyone who wants to have a job and function in today’s society. This lack of basic public utility has jeopardized our business and our working relationships. It is unbelievable that Brooksville cannot get adequate internet service. Our hot spot functions but does not provide a consistent connection. I’ve been dropped from online meetings at random so it is not a long-term solution. The lack of internet connectivity kills one’s reputation in the business world so I hope that my family can avoid those negative consequences. It is truly sad that the joy over our new home in Maine was robbed by the disappointment of not having a basic utility.
    Jessica D.

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