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America’s public schools are now under scrutiny as the fall semester fast approaches amid a pandemic that continues to ravage most of the country. Yet, even before COVID-19 hit, many of these schools have been chronically neglected—some to the point of decay. A June 2020 report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) on the state of school infrastructure—its first report on the subject since 1996—revealed that more than half of the school districts in the United States necessitate significant repairs of their facilities.

On July 10, Friday, The Rural Assembly, the Daily Yonder, and the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative are hosting a roundtable that will bring together key rural stakeholders with advocates who are already working to find alignment on this issue at 3 pm ETPresenters will include Congressman Bennie Thompson, Laura Jimenez of Center for American Progress, and Mary Filardo of 21st Century Schools Fund. The discussion will be moderated by the Rural Assembly and the Southern Rural Black Women’s Initiative. The recorded conversation will be available following the call. 

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