– A scrappy and simple way to capture moments that matter, when they matter- 
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RAW Moments is a way to capture the pandemic experience of rural women across the United States. How are rural women showing up for their communities, their families, and themselves in this unprecedented time of pause? What are the simple, maybe mundane moments that are shaping their daily experiences that will be lost to time? 
This project is meant to provide a purposefully simple container for rural women to name and save the moments that matter, when they matter.  Maybe it’s a recipe, a photo of a child, a poem that resonated. Just drop them in an email and hit send. Today we can’t see the forest for the trees. Only time will be able to put into perspective how these moments shaped us.
How it works: 

1. Sign-up for weekly email prompts. Each week, RAW contributors will send an email prompt that encourages you to take stock of what is happening in your world. Example Prompt: Food. Submit something that represents your experience with food in this moment– a poem, a recipe, a photograph of a journal entry, etc. 

2. Receive a gift. Each weekly prompt will be accompanied by a “gift.” Whether a poem, a photograph, or a short story, we will share something that will hopefully resonate and bring a little joy to you.  
3. Saved in a digital time capsule. Submissions will be saved to a digital folder along with a copy of the email and prompt that went with them. Your submission will NOT be shared with other subscribers. 
4. Opening the capsule. We’ll return your RAW submissions when COVID-19 is no longer the container for our lives OR when you request your submissions.

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