Need a Vaccine? Send a Text.

By Haley Cush 

Need to find a vaccine or know someone who does? Try sending a text. The text hotline not only finds vaccine providers in your area, but also connects you with possible free rides and childcare options* through July 4.

Why now?

Unfortunately, many people are still struggling to get vaccinated due to geographic or social restrictions. The Biden administration launched text hotlines to help people locate the closest available vaccines, secure transportation to the vaccine, and help caregivers find childcare so that people who want to get vaccinated can get the vaccine.

How do I use the text hotline?

To access this resource, text your zip code to GETVAX (438829) for the English hotline, or text your zip code to VACUNA (822862) for the Spanish hotline. You will get a message back with addresses for vaccination sites near you as well as information regarding which vaccine is being offered there and whether walk-ins are accepted. 

The message will also prompt you with two questions: 

  • “Do you need free rides with Lyft or Uber to get vaccinated? (Y/N)” 

    • Replying with “Y” will start a series of questions to secure a FREE Uber or Lyft ride to a vaccine.

  •  “Need free childcare to get vaccinated? Reply with CARE”

    • Replying with “CARE” will give you phone numbers and website links for free childcare providers. Participating providers are Kindercare, Learning Care Group, and the YMCA. 

Are there other ways to locate a vaccine?

People interested in getting vaccinated can also call the vaccination hotline, 1-800-232-0233, for help locating a vaccination or to ask questions about the vaccine.

Additionally, the official website,, can help provide information on the vaccine as well as help locate vaccinations near you.


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