Megan Black: Faith in Action

Megan Black: Faith in Action

“It’s been an extraordinary time to be doing this work, and not always in a good way. In this last year in particular, I have felt as close to despair about our ability to overcome our differences as I have ever been. As a bi-racial black woman who grew up in a white community in Iowa, I have felt the split very viscerally in my own being.”  – Megan Black at Rural Assembly Everywhere 2020

Megan Black, National Clergy Organizer for the nonprofit organization Faith in Action, shared powerful stories from her life and work during Rural Assembly Everywhere audience in October. In particular, Black shared how spending the day at a county fair led to a moment of dissonance as she drove through the rural landscape talking on the phone with a friend who had spent his day at an Afropunk festival. 

“I wondered how the Guthrie County Fair and Afropunk could exist in the same country or in the same person, as I was experiencing it in that moment. I wondered what it will take to overcome the differences that were so starkly demonstrated to me in that moment, and if we have what it takes. And then I remembered a pilgrimage I’d helped organize with a group of rabbis and Christian clergy ….” 

Learn how Black finds inspiration in the work happening in faith communities and how she believes that work can be the place to build a table with a seat for everyone. 

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