Keep Sharing, Keep Checking In, Keep it Rural

A few weeks ago, we asked you to let us know how you are coping in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your responses were incredibly honest and raw, reflecting the ways this crisis compounds the challenges we already face in rural America. Thank you for telling it true.

You told us about working from home full-time while taking care of children and grandchildren; about the lack of coordinated response to COVID19 from local governments; about running out of mobile data too quickly; and about your concern for local businesses and nonprofits.

You also told us you’re checking on your neighbors, taking walks and doing puzzles, writing letters, and trying hard to find a new normal.

In the coming weeks, the Rural Assembly will work to support you with uplifting messages and stories, provide you with opportunities to connect virtually, and keep you posted on the the latest news and resources we’re seeing from our rural partners. We are also continuing to update our list of rural resources.

Today, we want highlight the coverage our colleagues at the Daily Yonder are diligently putting out there. Check out all of their coverage of COVID-19 here. 

Keep sharing, keep checking in, keep it rural.Keep sharing, keep checking in, keep it rural.

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