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Drawing Resilience: Margaret Killjoy

Margaret Killjoy is a transfeminine author, editor, and podcaster currently based in the Appalachian mountains. Her most recent book, Escape From Incel Island, is available through Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness. Margaret hosts two podcasts that explore resiliency in different ways; Cool People Who Do Cool Stuff, and Live Like the World is Dying. You can check out more of her writing and music at

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Drawing Resilience: Chris Clayton

Chris Clayton is the agricultural policy editor at DTN/The Progressive Farmer. He’s also the author of The Elephant in the Cornfield: The Politics of Agriculture and Climate Change, which describes in detail how farmers and farm lobbyists have dealt with a changing climate.

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Joe and Briar

Drawing Resilience: Joe Seamons and Briar

Joe Seamons and Briar are blues musicians, new parents, and members of the Rhapsody Project, a community that explores and celebrates music and heritage through an anti-racist lens. Nhatt Nichols spoke with them about musical resilience and raising a child with the tools they developed through the Rhapsody Project programs.

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Watch Connecting Our Heartlands

Watch Connecting Our Heartlands: Toward an Inclusive American Creed, a virtual event that combines photography and civic discussion to explore what we can learn about citizen power from rural young adults.

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