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Access to high-speed Internet service isn’t a luxury for rural communities. Increasingly, it’s a necessity for basic activities such as getting an education, finding a job, staying in touch with family and friends, and civic activities like registering an automobile or communicating with a member of Congress. Broadband access is also part of economic development.

But home access to broadband lags in rural areas, especially in remote areas that could benefit most from Internet services.

The Rural Broadband Policy Group is a growing national coalition of rural broadband advocates that emerged from 2008 convening of the National Rural Assembly. This coalition recognizes the need for improved access and use of broadband in rural America, and it is working with policy makers, advocates, and local leaders to promote solutions.

The goals of the Rural Broadband Policy Group are:

  1. To articulate national broadband policies that provide opportunities for rural communities to participate fully in the nation’s democracy, economy, culture, and society. 
  2. And to spark national collaboration among rural broadband advocates.

The working group has created a statement of principles and policy recommendations, and has built on this central document in making comments to government agencies and others about broadband policy.

Organizations that are interested in more information about the Broadband Policy Working Group may contact Edyael Casaperalta at the Center for Rural Strategies.

Current members of the Rural Broadband Working Group are:


Contact: Edyael Casaperalta, Center for Rural Strategies 

Rural Groups Applaud FCC Rural Broadband Trials

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The National Rural Assembly’s Rural Broadband and Policy Group held a webinar for rural stakeholders in cooperation with the Federal Communications Commission to explain how to participate in the FCC’s new experiment, the Rural Broadband Trials – a program that will fund projects to bring broadband to rural areas.

Jonathan Chambers, Chief, FCC Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis 
Edyael Casaperalta, Rural Broadband Policy Group Coordinator, facilitator

Click here to access the PowerPoint slides from the webinar.