What if… (rural/urban)

  • What if former USDA housing were a right? What if we invested in slow, especially difficult activities we know [illegible]? What if there were a child poverty think tank?
    What if there were an overlapping set of structures and communication systems that allowed rural and urban advocates to call on each other for support for their mutual benefit?
  • What if people who wanted to unite the country had the same capacity to talk to rural America as people who want to divide it?
  • What if we stopped talking about the rural-urban divide because of [illegible] and place based economic successes?
  • What if we eliminated the divide (rural-urban)? What if we turned deficits into assets?
  • What if we considered “THE BIG SORT” by a national effort to link/exchange/[illegible] rural and urban citizens and leaders?
    – Economics (supply/value chains) – Ecosystem services (watersheds) – Should be done between r/u close to each other (regions) and more distant
    National “rural electrifications” for the 21st century – fiber optic spreads to rural communities, education, health, telework
  • What if we build a channel, platform, or communications infrastructure that will: connect urban and rural; create cultural commonality; build purposeful communities; push back against mean divisive themes; and take advantage of emerging technology?