What if… (philanthropy)

  • What if we create a two generation approach focused on entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We create a national think tank to address poverty for youth K-12 and their families. We create digital and printed rural development toolkits and help build the capacity of local leaders. We create a mobile app that provides continuing education and resources for rural leaders, develop a national coalition to fund projects in rural communities. Help non-profits create for-profit entities to support sustainable
  • What if there were resources to the reengagement of rural America in creating living wage jobs? What mfg drones were taking place in rural America w/training? What if I were rich? Create an endowed foundation to fund programs and economic development across rural south!
  • What if, just like or very similar to this exercise, we could continually extend this same exercise to orgs and individuals to ask what is? And then we, as champions/funders answer “why not?” Let’s go to work.
  • What if we focused less on “big ideas” and move on to figuring out how to grow the scope and scale of strategies we know work but have been slow and expensive? (Appalshop, [illegible], EE, community organizing, fewer silos, more connections)