What if… (food)

  • What if we create through our combined networks an alternative government to drive a rural economy turning deficits into assets: poor health into employment; transportation; technology; infrastructure (schools); food deserts into food systems
  • What if we could really help ourselves and everyone around us understand that every child in each of our communities is our child? If we did that, would everyone and every organization came together to nourish all children with good food and good medical care and teach all children to read and to thrive so that the next generations are stronger and better than the current ones?
  • What if we could design a new food system that harnesses the entrepreneurial energy, traditional knowledge and farming experiences of immigrant food system workers, providing them with opportunities for more ownership and control over their economic futures?
  • What if every rural school embraced place-based education?
    What if crop farms turned from monoculture to growing food for people (esp local) and schools?
    What if every participant read Paul Theobald’s “Teaching the Commons”?