What if… (equity/inclusivity)


  • What if rural America becomes our country’s ambassador to promote global citizenship and membership. We already work, celebrate, and hope beyond borders. We have the experience. Let’s encourage our country to see each other as citizens and members of one planet. With this perspective, let’s ask: What values do we uphold? How do we practice those values? Let’s write our answers and print them on stickers that can be distributed in our communities, and let’s write them into ordinances that our cities/towns can adopt.
  • What if every child born in a rural place had access to the resources and support needed to realize their full potential? What if every child was born with privilege?
  • What if children growing up in rural areas – and educators and programs that serve them – had equal ACCESS to resources of all kinds to fuel learning and open new opportunities for children to reach their potential?
  • What if all children in rural communities lived in families where at least one parent/caregiver had a job with pay above 200% of poverty?
  • In 68, King called for a campaign for a Radical Redistribution of economic and political power. 50 years later – we need a Poor People’s Campaign.
  • What if we fostered a national dialog that focused on US — all of us — instead of “us and them”?