Rural Assembly Everywhere Spring 2022

A Conversation with Beau of the Fifth Column: Fact, Opinion, and the Democracy In Between

Join us at Rural Assembly Everywhere for this conversation between the Daily Yonder’s Xandr Brown and Youtube commentator Beau of the Fifth Column.

Since starting his channel three years ago, Beau of the Fifth Column has grown a followership of over half a million subscribers, an audience comprised of folks from all walks of life and political identities.

He takes on a wide range of subjects, from the Ukraine and Russian conflict to more sociopolitical topics like bridging the gap between the left and the middle, the misappropriated words of George Orwell, or what it’s like to be an armed black person in the United States.

“When you’re watching Beau, you know you’re not just watching to hear what you already know. You’re watching to see him illuminate a topic through his variety of experiences. You’re here for his voice,” said Brown. 

Beau of the Fifth Column is a social and political commentator who strives to encourage the creation of community level networks to address immediate problems and then leverage those networks to address larger national issues. His primary platform is Youtube, where he has amassed 705K subscribers, but can be found on most social media platforms. On Instagram, he calls himself “A southern journalist who’s tired of the lack of common sense in the world.”

Register now to hear Beau and Xandr discuss politics, rural America, democracy and more at Rural Assembly Everywhere, our two-day virtual festival for rural advocates and the rural-curious, listeners and leaders, neighbors and admirers. On May 10 and 11th, we’ll enjoy programming, featuring artists and poets, civic leaders, and experts.  


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