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Advocacy: Emergency Broadband Benefit

As of June 20, 2.7 million households have enrolled in the Emergency Broadband Benefit program. Learn how you can sign up or help others claim this temporary benefit before it’s too late.

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We asked youth: What were you raised to believe?

The Rural Youth Catalyst Project asked rural young people from across the country to respond to the prompt “I was raised to believe…” Over the next few weeks, we are excited to share their submissions. This week we start with the responses that we received from Raychel Kool and Franklin Edwards, along with a Daily Yonder essay by RYCP co-founder, Kim Phinney, as they share their lived experiences of growing up LGBTQ in rural America.

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“I Was Raised to Believe”

Frankie Edwards believed he did not belong in a rural community. He shares how he came to reject that belief, and how paintings by his late uncle played a part.

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Megan Black
Rural Assembly Everywhere

Megan Black: Faith in Action

Megan Black, National Clergy Organizer for the nonprofit organization Faith in Action, shared powerful stories from her life and work with the Rural Assembly Everywhere audience in October.

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