National Rural Assembly Convening Coming in May, 2018!

We are pleased to announce that the National Rural Assembly will once again be convening face-to-face in May, 2018 in North Carolina. This gathering is being generously supported by The Duke Endowment.

This Assembly will focus on “building a more inclusive nation for all the people in all the places,” and as always, we will work to secure participation from a diverse group of rural advocates, including young leaders, as well as faith-based organizers and clergy. 

Rural policy will continue to be part of the conversation, and we will also build an intentional focus around civic engagement and leadership development, amplifying rural voices in resistance to the divisive politics and rhetoric that pervades our civil discourse. We think rural voices are part of the solution and essential to it if we want to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Please put this on your calendar, and look for more specific announcements to come.

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