New Community Change Working Group

The Rural Assembly is excited to announce a new working group focused on Community Change.

This group defines community change as “community and economic development approaches which include design and launch of initiatives, facilitation of strategic efforts, and development of shared measurement systems in an effort to sustain and scale long-term systemic change and impact in the community, in keeping with CDS’s Principles of Good Practice.”

The group’s mission is to assist communities, professionals, foundations, and policymakers to engage in successful community change work.

One project developed and launched by the group is a prototype for the Community Change Resource Bank, an online searchable database that houses “go to” resources pertaining to community change and policy.

This group grew out of the work of both the 2013 RPLI Strategic Doing group and work of the Community Change Network.

More information about this working group, its objectives and members, and how to get involved can be found here.

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