Final Report from the 2013 National Rural Assembly

We are pleased to share the conference report from the June 2013 gathering of the National Rural Assembly in Bethesda, Maryland.  

This year’s Assembly evidenced two big truths–that rural America is diverse and is stronger because of it, and that rural Americans are looking to create a hopeful future for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren.  

Assembly participants came from 37 states, representing every region of the country and our nation’s capital, from small towns and remote farms, Native American reservations and some of our country’s largest cities.  They ranged in age from late teens to retirement—with 33% of them under age 30.  Within that diversity, there emerged a common narrative in which rural America is a true partner in delivering a prosperous future for everyone, no matter who you are, where you come from, or who your mama is.

Participation from the White House made this year’s gathering particularly energizing, as it included leaders from various Administrative departments and federal agencies and special keynotes from U.S. Secretaries Tom Vilsack and Kathleen Sebelius. Speakers and panelists addressed some of the defining issues of our time, from immigration to climate change, from healthcare to youth opportunity, to name just a few.

Check out more photos, presentations, and Daily Yonder coverage from the convening.

 Click to download the report.
Click to download the report.

Video: Brady Piñero Walkinshaw 

Earth Alliance CEO Brady Walkinshaw talks about changing mindsets about the climate crisis — and why he thinks rural communities will play a critical role in solving it.

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Video: Citizen Power with Jonathan Blair + Sam Schimmel

Hear from Sam Schimmel and Jonathan Blair, co-creators of the ongoing documentary media and public engagement initiative from Citizen Film titled American Creed: Citizen Power, that explores American idealism and activism from a range of young adult perspectives. Learn how they are working to build safer, more connected communities, the barriers they face, and their advice for other young rural community organizers.

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Illustrated photo of Nancy XiáoRong Valentine

Drawing Resilience: Nancy XiáoRong Valentine

A conversation about resilience, art, and culture with Nancy XiáoRong Valentine. Valentine is a 2024 Rural Regenerator Fellow with Springboard for the Arts and was awarded a 2023 Creative Support for Individual Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board and a 2023 Legacy Individual Arts grant from the Lake Region Arts Council.

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