Bulletin #2

Dear Friend,

Ever wondered how you can become more engaged in the work of the National Rural Assembly?

There are immediate opportunities to participate at multiple levels:

  • Endorse the Rural Compact
  • Contact us about participating in a policy working group.
  • Share ideas, stories, and news updates in the bi-weekly bulletin.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Whitney Kimball Coe
on behalf of the National Rural Assembly and the Center for Rural Strategies


Congress passes stop-gap funding of transportation programs

Update provided by Kathy Moxon, chairperson of the Rural Transportation Policy Group

Thanks to all of you who responded to the Rural Transportation Policy Group’s advocacy alert in March about the House transportation bill, and to those of you who have responded to our many alerts in the past.

The House, unfortunately, did not pass a multi-year bill but instead opted for yet another 90-day stop-gap funding measure, which funds current programs into June.

This means our work is not done. We will continue to monitor and keep you up-to-date on developments.

The Rural Transportation Policy Group has developed a policy platform, gathered endorsements, and communicated its policies to members of Congress over the past year and a half. The Policy Group’s platform encourages the establishment of transportation programs that take into account the special challenges and opportunities in rural America and create greater access to jobs, health care, education, and other community services.


Saving Rural Phone Lines

The Rural Broadband Policy Group is tracking an alarming trend across state legislatures that would release large telephone companies from the obligation to provide basic landline service, including emergency 911 service to rural, low-income, and elderly residents.

Bills in Kentucky and New Jersey have been defeated, but Senate Bill 271 in Ohio is still going.

If you are based in Ohio and Kentucky, please consider endorsing the RBPG’s Letter to the Ohio House of Representatives opposing SB 271. Endorse by April 6th.

We’d like to know: Is this happening in your state? Please contact Edyael Casaperalta with information on measures like this and help us share the letters, articles, and good work. Follow us on twitter @RuralBBPolicy

Learn more about SB 271 in Ohio.


The Rural Assembly hosted a webinar presentation by Madeleine Taylor and Anne Whatley of Network Impact on strategies for managing network membership issues.

The webinar included network examples and advice on member participation, how to write a memorandum of understanding, how to decide on membership qualifications and categories of members, as well as processes for nominating, selecting and orienting new members.

A case study for this webinar was provided by Jenny Lancaster and Martha Minter of the Central Appalachian Regional Network.

Download the presentation or watch the video below.

Beyond the Clock: Savannah Barrett

Beyond the Clock is a monthly digital learning exchange and happy hour for rural connectors and cultural workers hosted by Department of Public Transformation and Voices for Rural Resilience, in partnership with the Rural Assembly. This month’s creative learning exchange event will take place on Tuesday, February 13th from 4-5pm CST with special guest, Savannah Barrett!

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Opportunity Roundup | January 2024

Looking for ways to grow in your skills and knowledge this year? You may be interested in applying for one of the following opportunities we’ve received recently in our Rural Assembly inbox.

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