Proposed budget promotes stewardship

The president’s proposed 2011 federal budget for the Forest Service places greater emphasis on restoration and stewardship of public forests, according to the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC).

That could be good news for rural residents connected with local forestry-related enterprises, according to RVCC, which participates in the National Rural Assembly.

The president’s proposed budget includes $5.4 billion for the Forest Service in fiscal year 2011, an increase of $23 million.

The budget plan calls for creating an “Integrated Resource Restoration Line Item,” which would provide nearly $694 million for forest restoration, watershed improvement, and the creation of green jobs built on the sustainable use of forest products.

The RVCC budget analysis includes information on the Forest Service, Rural Development, and Natural Resource Conservation Service agencies within the Department of Agriculture as well as Department of Interior agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and Fish and Wildlife.

For more information, see the report (PDF) or visit the RVCC website, which includes links to relevant federal websites. 

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