In 2010, the Rural Assembly led the first Rural Youth Assembly, featuring 54 rural and Native young adults from across 28 states at the Institute for American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Many of the participants are still actively engaged with the Rural Assembly as professionals, and some of them will serve as staff for the 2020 Rural Youth Assembly. 

Check out video participant interviews from the 2010 Assembly here.

Participants presenting at the 2010 Rural Youth Assembly in Santa Fe, New Mexico

A vision statement for rural America from the 2010 Rural Youth Assembly

“We demand of ourselves a proactive and invested community that has quality healthcare, adequate housing, and enlightened education in a safe and sustainable environment. Where no person goes thirsty, hungry, or homeless, and every person is accepted no matter who your mama is. All these things done with love tell the story of our future in rural communities.”  

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