For Nominators and Sponsor Organizations

The Rural Assembly is seeking young people who are interested in rural and Native issues and invested in strengthening their communities. We look for individuals who are willing to engage in respectful and sometimes challenging conversations, and are committed to finding common ground to create solutions.

Most importantly, we seek participants who are excited and enthusiastic about making an impact in their local communities.

At the Rural Assembly, leadership takes many forms. Some of us are meant to carry megaphones, others write commentary or policy memos. Some craft art and poetry, while others stuff envelopes and work behind the scenes. But all roles are key to building community and creating change. We want all young people, especially those often caught on the margins or those serving community in quiet ways.

Who’s the right person to nominate?

Seeking mature and thoughtful leaders age 16-24 with…

  • The flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances on the service project site or within the schedule.
  • The patience to listen to other points of view and to appreciate different personalities.
  • The humility required to admit how little one knows and to be open to learning an unfamiliar point of view.
  • The ability to follow through on commitments by coming prepared and returning back home willing to share what they’ve learned with others.
  • Enthusiasm in their presence, attitude and actions.
  • The commitment to strengthen their community and look out for those around them.
  • An existing interest and commitment to work on rural and Native issues at a local, state, or national, international level, or a passion for other forms of service, community leadership, arts and media, writing, policy and government, or particular issue areas such as climate, immigration, justice reform, healthcare, housing, human rights across race, gender, accessibility, identity.

Our resources and space is limited so please make your participant selections carefully based on this criteria.

In addition, we are also asking that you, as local staff or teachers, make a commitment to your young people before and after the Rural Youth Assembly Summit. We ask that you talk about the conference expectations and prepare your young people prior to their attendance. We also ask that you create the time in your organization or classroom schedule for the participants upon their return to share their experience and the outcomes of the Summit with the rest of their colleagues and peers. We strongly encourage you to have your young people share the outcomes with local leaders as well as with state legislators and their congressional offices.

Download the full pdf with nomination and application here.