Create some digital art!

The National Rural Youth Assembly invites you to plug-in immediately to the conversations happening in this space by creating a piece of digital media.  Your contribution will directly inform Youth Assembly priorities in the coming months, and will become part of a mapping project to build stronger connections among rural youth advocates across the country and internationally.

Just follow these three steps to build your digital art:

1. Get acquainted with the space by browsing other stories and exploring the current map.

2. Consider the following questions and respond to one in your digital media piece:

·         What do you think is the most critical issue facing young people in this year’s Presidential election?

·         What role do you think diversity plays in rural America today?

·         If you could launch a community development project in your hometown, what would it look like?

3. Follow these instructions to get started.

Have fun with this activity.  Make a postcard, a video, or a contribute a simple written statement.  We'll profile some of the best submissions in the coming month on this website.

If you have more questions, email