Thank you to everyone who joined us October 26-30 for Rural Assembly Everywhere. We hope you felt connected, inspired and moved to act. Want to stay connected with all things Rural Assembly? Join us! Sign up here to be the first to know about Assembly activities, calls to action, and new content. We want to keep finding ways to connect with you. 

Miss any of the gathering? Check out all the recorded content below

Day 1: Daily Yonder Day

Day 1 Main Stage Full Replay

A Conversation with Dr. Richard Besser

Support the Daily Yonder!

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Day 2: We Belong to Each Other

Day 2 Main Stage Full Replay

Juan Felipe Herrera Reading “Let us Gather in a Flourishing Way”

Whitney Kimball Coe Conversation with Padraig O Tuama

Day 3: Check On Your Neighbor

Day 3 Main Stage Full Replay

Sarah Smarsh Speaks with Benya Kraus

What is Rural?

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Day 4: Building Civic Courage

Day 4 Main Stage Full Replay

Day 5: Greatest Hits

Day 5 Main Stage Full Replay