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Submission deadline for Rural Arts and Culture Summit

Interested in presenting at the 2019 Rural Arts and Culture Summit? This year, we are particularly looking for session ideas that address the idea of “Creative People Power,” in rural places. What does creative people power look like in your community or region? How to we create and sustain the conditions that allow for long-term, sustainable creative leadership rooted in culture and identities of the community at large? Springboard recently released a report on Creative People Power that you can read here.

We are also looking for sessions and workshops that do any of the following:

  1. Provide resources, skill building or training to help individual artists thrive in rural communities.

  2. Provide resources, skill building or training to help arts organizations thrive in rural communities.

  3. Provide stories of impact and lessons learned about artists engaging in rural community development issues.

  4. Celebrate diverse forms of creative expression in rural places.

  5. Inspire action for sustaining or growing systems of support for rural arts and culture.

    Click HERE to submit your proposal