How to submit an Expression of Interest to the FCC Rural Broadband Trials Program

Submit an Expression of Interest* before the March 7 deadline.

Sample "Expression of Interest" for Prospective Internet Providers
Sample "Expression of Interest" for Community Advocates

On January 30th, the Federal Communications Commission announced the Rural Broadband Experiments – an initiative soliciting proposals to bring high-speed Internet service to Rural America. For the first time, cooperatives, municipalities, nonprofits, anchor institutions, and Tribal governments are able to access federal funding to bring broadband service to rural areas.

This is a historic opportunity for rural advocates and entities committed to closing the digital divide in rural communities.

The Rural Broadband Policy Group of the National Rural Assembly hosted a webinar where Jonathan Chambers, Chief of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis, talked about how advocates, Internet providers, and anchor institutions can participate in the experiments. Interested parties were asked to submit an “Expression of Interest” by March 7th. You can listen to the entire Webinar.

The FCC will determine the amount of funding to allocate in the Rural Broadband Experiments based on the number of Expressions of Interest submitted.

Deadline to submit an Expression of Interest is March 7th, 2014

Whether you are an interested Internet provider or a concerned community advocate, the RBPG highly encourages you to submit an Expression of Interest.

Below you can find sample Expressions of Interest* and where to file your EOI:

For more information on how to file, please contact Edyael Casaperalta, RBPG Coordinator, at

*The sample expressions of interest were not created by lawyers nor approved by the FCC.