Webinar: Creating Intentional Social Media

How much do you know about social media? Does your organization use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms to generate buzz, connect with target audiences, or raise money? With so many choices at your fingertips it can be overwhelming to decide how to use these tools in a strategic and efficient way. The National Rural Assemblyproduced this webinar to help you take those first steps towards articulating social media goals for your organization.

“Creating Intentional Social Media” does not teach you how to open a Facebook account. It will help you ask critical questions about your organization's goals for social media planning. It covers what you need to do before you start, how to create a creative brief, how to make a social media plan, give an overview of social media tools, and explain why you need a social media policy. This presentation also gives specific examples of what other organizations have done.Amy Sterndale, Communications Director for The Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire shares her greatest success and greatest failure and explains why no one should call themselves a social media expert.