Broadband comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission

The Rural Broadband Policy Group submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission’s request to update the 2009 Rural Broadband Report. Access Humboldt, Appalshop, the California Center for Rural Policy, the Center for Media Justice, the Center for Rural Strategies, the Center for Social Inclusion, Housing Assistance Council, Institute for Local Self Reliance, Main Street Project, Media Literacy Project, and Mountain Information Network endorsed comments requesting the FCC to include four recommendations in its update to the Report:

  • Focus on local solutions.
  • Establish local job creation and social capital formation benchmarks.
  • Collect accurate data.
  • Reclassify Internet service as a Title II service, and Implement strong Net Neutrality rules.

The Rural Broadband Policy Group is a national coalition of rural broadband advocates that seeks to 1) articulate national broadband policies that provide opportunities for rural communities to participate fully in the nation's democracy, economy, culture, and society, and to 2) spark national collaboration among rural broadband advocates. The RBPG strongly believes these recommendations are key in increasing broadband adoption in rural homes.

Download and read the comments. (PDF)