Webinar focuses on rural broadband and regulation

The National Rural Assembly is sponsoring an informational webinar Monday, May 24, 2010, on the impact proposed regulatory changes could have on rural access to broadband.

(See more information on the webinar and reserve a spot.)

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has proposed making broadband a Title II service under federal communications law. The proposal from FCC Chairman J

ulius Genachowski is an effort to restore the commission's ability to regulate internet service providers after a federal court challenged that authority.

Both the court ruling and the FCC's response could have big implications for rural communities, which have less access to broadband than metropolitan communities.

The webinar will feature Matt Wood of the Media Access Project ,  Amalia Deloney, Media Action Grassroots Network , and Wally Bowen, Mountain Area Information Network.

For a short explanation of what's at stake, visit Public Knowledge's "Five Minutes with Harold Feld."